Chameleon with a Core

I am a chameleon with a core
My shell shrinks and grows
Soft, then firm, then soft again

One Christmas I am taking bucket showers
At a humble home on
the banks of the Ganges

The next I am in an expensive gown

plucked and polished
Waltzing with my dad
Champagne corks punctuating
the rhythm of the music

The statements: 
Everywhere is home

Nowhere is home

are both true

I am like the wind
shifting to fit

whatever shape I find
Carrying whichever

fragrance I come across

And also, there is a
Core in me
Quite unlike the wind

Something solid

and lasting
and eternal
That moves with me
through each of these worlds

It is the pulse

in the hearts
of the harem
of women
I carry in me

A core radiating
love and connection

Sometimes it is a whisper
sometimes a roar

But even in the
fiercest wind storm
It is there
beating like a metronome

The one thread
of constancy

In an ever-changing