The Human Becomings Story Series

I am excited to announce that the Human Becomings Story Series will launch tomorrow. As I share in the about section of Collective Wisdom: "I have infinite gratitude for the people in my life who have cracked open the facade of their personal stories and shared their truths with me." In a time of personal darkness and despair, these stories were more effective than any other kind of medicine. I hope that this blog can become a space for expansive and authentic story sharing. 

Shared stories create common bonds that help us to see that we are not alone in our inner sanctums of crazy or divine. Please consider sharing your own story of becoming with the wider world. Visit "Your Story" for details and instructions. 

Thank you to my mother, Robin McCoy, who unofficially launched this series before the concept was fully fledged with her guest blog contribution, "Back to the Past..." and thank you to my dear friend, Danny Schiff, whose story "Choosing to Teach" will mark the official launch of this collective project.