ABout the collection

The line between breakdown and awakening can feel quite thin. For me, that line is really just a twist in the story I tell myself. When I was walking this particular line, I took solace in finding patterns in wisdom shared from a variety of sources, disciplines and eras.  The more I read, the more Gillian Welch's "One Little Song" lyrics hummed in the back of my head…

"There's gotta be a song left to sing, 'Cause everybody can't have thought of everything, One little song that ain't been sung, One little rag that ain't been wrung out completely yet, Just gotta a little left…"

As I studied, it seemed to me that perhaps all the songs had indeed been sung. But instead of finding that realization disappointing, I found it helpful. Hearing nuanced versions of the same ideas in different vernaculars, tunes and writing styles allowed those messages to sink into my bones. So I became a spiritual squirrel of sorts, tucking away nuts of wisdom into different pockets, and because I don't think I'll be contributing any new "nuts" to the wisdom collection in this lifetime, I wanted to do what I do well, which is organize what I've gathered into a easily digestible format. I have infinite gratitude for the people in my life who have cracked open the facade of their personal stories and shared their truths with me. To those people I hold dear, the collection that follows is my thank you letter of sorts--one that I hope will return a fraction of the support I have received from you.